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Interpretation Center

With a different experience from other hotels, we offer access to a 3D digital application that reports the most striking episodes in the history of the house, a central theme that leads both the denomination and the style and decoration of our rooms. You can also use an application to have an audio guide in the various points of the Garden, with references and explanations of its different elements. The guided tours are from 2pm to 5pm throughout the year, but always by appointment.

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Historical Garden

Walking through the baroque garden, in which we tried to recreate its original formality, through large grass beds, limited in corten steel, a contemporary and minimalist element, we find the statues that portray the 4 Continents - Africa, America, Asia and Europe. The continent of Oceania was not represented, because at the time it was not yet recognized as such.

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What to visit?

Paço de Vitorino is located in the municipality of Ponte de Lima offering a variety of cultural and leisure activities due to the proximity of environments as distinct as the river, the sea, the mountains and the Caminhos de Santiago. This privileged contact with nature allows a unique and unforgettable experience for those who visit us.

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The banks of the Lima River lead us to a house, a family manor house that tells a story of tradition and culture. Surrounded by the fields, we come in and live through the centuries. From the 16th century to the present time, we seek to offer moments of peace, romance, history, charm and nature.